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       Starting January 18, 2018, the Union will be accepting nominations for 8 positions on our OHSC Bargaining committee.  A/C and B/D will be represented by 3 members each and both will have 1 alternate member that will be known as a committee member and fill in during meetings and tours as necessary along with participate in training and Investigations. 

The Union would encourage anyone interested and would like more information to contact Cory Boyd or any of our long-standing members. 


Dean Carter 

Courtney Chatwin 

Ryan Chestnut 

Dwayn Johnson 

Wayne Pelley 

Dan Shoults – Alternate member 

Kevin Wheeler – Alternate Co-chair 


The Union would like to thank these members for the commitment and contributions to the committee over the years. 

 Nominations will close February 15, 2018.  Accepted nominees will be voted on in March 2018. 


Cory Boyd 

Co-Chair OHSC