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What a great week at the Unifor Family Education Center in Port Elgin Ontario!!

6 of the elected Bargaining team successfully completed the 40 hour Collective Bargaining training course , we worked hard and learned a lot.

Working together, collectively throughout the course, the class was able to Bargain with “The company” in a mock scenario, we made gains for all members, we were tasked with representing, “600 members”, our class successfully bargained “the highest gains they’ve seen during the course!”

This experience has ignited our energy in getting a solid contract for our members! All of them!!

It will be lots of work, a challenge, but we are ready to hit the ground running!

Let’s get to work team!

Bargaining Team Members in attendance, Brian GetsonRolly DoucetteShannon WilwandDacre Dyer, and Alternates Kyle Cotterell and Ron MacEachern

Good job everyone, what a great week!