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Bargaining Committee Questionnaire

The bargaining and steering Committee have put out a questionnaire form, to gauge what the membership feels are the most important changes needed to the current CBA. The bargaining committee will be distributing forms, they will also be available on the bulletin board as you are leaving the dry and lunchrooms.

We ask you to please rank your recommendations in order of importance. All completed forms can be returned to any bargaining committee member or placed in the union drop box located outside of the mens dry. All completed forms must be in by February 17th, 2021.

If you would like to get in touch with anyone on the bargaining committee feel free to reach out in person or by email.

The members of the bargaining committee are:

Curtis Finley, President. Email:

Ed Caissie, Mine Operations. Email:

Richard Bailey, Mill Operations. Email:

Lee Haggard, Mine Maintenance. Email:

Trevor Knill, Mill Maintenance. Email:

Ed Fraser, Warehouse. Email:

Maria Orr, Scribe. Email: