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New faces and fresh ideas.

We would like to introduce and thank:

Summer 2017 has brought us a new contact and also a few new faces to or local executive we would like to take a moment introduce a few new members and thank our members that have stayed on with us.

Our new local President, Cody Wells, Grievance Chair A/C Riley Gibson, OHSC Co-Chair Cory Boyd, Trustee Ken Grainger, Sergeant at Arms – Peter Rekunyk and our new Guide, Dan Shoults.

Continuing on with us and brining a great deal of knowledge to help our new members, Vice President Kiel Tassell, also Continuing on with us and offering us a great contribution of time, Secretary Treasurer Daniel Beauregard, continuing on and offering years of experience Recording Secretary ~ Allen Humphries. We are glad to have Curtis Finley taking on Grievance chair for B/D crew, another continuing on member and our Women’s Advocate, Maria Orr, We also have our ~ Ed Fraser who is a pervious executive that brings many years of union activism and help for our new members taking on the new role of Trustee.