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Here, Local 3018 is happy to share our activity and events both with membership and community. We aim to provide our members with an up-to-date preview of what we are working on and getting involved in from contributions, events, donations, meetings and training.

Summer 2017 has brought us a new contact and also a few new faces to or local executive we would like to take a moment introduce a few new members and thank our members that have stayed on with us.

Continuing on with us and bringing a great deal of knowledge to help our new members, Vice President Kiel Tassell, also Continuing on with us and offering us a great contribution of time, Secretary Treasurer Daniel Beauregard, continuing on and offering years of experience Recording Secretary, Allen Humphries. We are glad to have Curtis Finley taking on Grievance chair for B/D crew, another continuing on member and our Women’s Advocate, Maria Orr. We also have our Ed Fraser who is a previous executive that brings many years of union activism and help for our new members taking on the new role of Trustee.