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Quesnel General Meetings for March 24th & 25th 2019

By April 21, 2019General Meetings

Kiel reviewed February minutes.

Daniel gave the investment and financial report.

Curtis gave the grievance report.

Cellphone grievance, piss testing grievance, and overtime grievance discussed. Announced arbitration dates. Discussed the petition that was being circulated on site and the rights of our members under the National Constitution. Spoke about the haul truck picture that was posted on Facebook and how management is looking for the individual that took it.

Cory gave the OHSC report.

Fuel dock 2 eye wash station is located to far from the pumps, and Shovel 3 slip ring incident discussed. Spoke about the mines act and some of the problems with allowing mine managers to put wording in the act. It was brought up that the control room in the mill has finally been outfitted with a sit stand desk.

Cody spoke about training and how he will be going down to New Westminster to speak with the national about getting better training in the North. He also mentioned that we will be posting hours on the union website along with dates the hall is booked.

Cody spoke about Ed working on jackets for the membership. New Business: Motion for 2 members to receive $500 for undue hardship because of the Williams Lake maternity ward being shut down was voted on. Lisa Harvey’s motion for a donation to Roxy was voted down. Peter Rekunyk’s motion to put Lee Haggard in as intern recording secretary until an election can be held was voted on.

Member spoke about feeling uncomfortable taking calls in the control room from members calling in because of personal issues. Vacation issues with being approved and then getting rescinded due to clerical error.

Another Car was stolen from the Quesnel parking lot, Curtis has been speaking with management about possibly getting security checks at it.

Tom Cavanagh made a motion to put a second recording secretary on the executive, this will go to next months meetings for a vote.

Breaks in equipment and Wenco giving a 2-minute warning before its over was discussed.

Spoke about piss testing and the grievance that Curtis has submitted for the company not doing these properly.

Meeting Adjourned.