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Quesnel Meetings for January 27th and 28th, 2019

By February 12, 2019General Meetings

Cody Wells, Kiel Tassell, Curtis Finley, Daniel Beauregard, Dan Shoults, and Ed Fraser in attendance for the executive.

Daniel gave the yearend financial report for 2018 and gave the investment report and expenses for December. Accepted as read.

Curtis gave the grievance and arbitration report for all of 2018 that himself and Riley put together. Discussed the company not following the drug testing policy correctly, and the three recent grievances related to this. Spoke about some future testing equipment that may start being used to test for the impairment of THC. Accepted as read.

Ed gave Cory’s OHSC report for all of 2018 and the training for the stewards that was put on and the commitment to more frequent steward meetings in the future. No safety concerns. Accepted as read.

Cody read the accomplishments that the executive has accomplished in 2018 and named all the donations that the union has made to local charities in Williams Lake and Quesnel.

Dan spoke about the bursary application form he has been re-writing and should be available at local schools soon. He also mentioned all the bursaries that are available on the Nationals website as well, and is encouraging our members to apply for these.

Kiel announced Election Committee nominations are open until the end of next month’s general meetings and we are looking to fill 12 positions, explained the responsibilities of the Election Committee and what requirements are needed.

Kiel also explained how the executive is committed to posting general meeting minutes to the union website and will continue to put as much information on the website as possible.

Ed discussed some of his ideas for more union apparel in the future and mentioned the toques being a big hit with the members.

New Business: Member asked about a petition that has been circulating the mine site and whether the accusations on it were true, we discussed about the potential for misinformation and if received we will deal with the allegations, if founded to be true. Member asked about disciplinary action that the executive could take against shop stewards talking about other member’s cases when they shouldn’t be or when they are not representing properly. Quesnel parking lot was discussed and the rise in theft recently and would like to see if the company could take extra steps to prevent it. Meeting Adjourned.