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Williams Lake General Meeting for April 21st & 22nd

Kiel reviewed the old minutes from March. All in favor as read.

Cody explained Daniels financial report. Member asked what the reimbursements mean on the report, we will ask Daniel about what these are. Member asked if it would be a good idea to invest some of the union money into Taseko stocks. All in favor as read. Cody reviewed Riley’s grievance and arbitration report. Lots of discussion on vacation approvals and then the company turning around and trying to get members to change their holidays or telling them that they have been declined due to clerical error. Explained the grievances the local has been submitting because of this blatant violation of the CBA and the company giving approvals within the seniority based deadline and then after declining, also mentioned that Curtis submitted a policy grievance on it as well, Cody also suggested when the company is calling members into discuss their holidays to request a shop steward. Discussed possible issues with the mill electricians getting time off when they have more seniority but because they are on nights, are being denied. Member thanked the grievance chairs for working on getting mill electrical and pit electrical the same opportunity to do overtime on either side because the company is trying to separate them. All in favor as read.

Maria spoke about the work she is going to be working on in relation to LGBTQ issues, also will be looking into mental health training and recognising it in the workplace. Maria will continue to post information onto the unions website and is open to any ideas for anything that should be on it.

Cody discussed the union training for shop/safety stewards that is coming up in May, some members were asking why the local is putting the course on for the BD rotation and not the AC, Cody explained the dates and the course minimum of 15 member minimum and when the teacher is available. Member mentioned the passing of Bruce Noir and his battle with cancer over the years.

Cody spoke about the union jackets and will be presenting a sample at the next meetings and will be looking for a vote from the membership to approve the purchase price of all these jackets. Discussed the incentive program,

Cody will present the member increases in attendance and bring forward a motion on wether or not we should continue with it or not.

Dan spoke about the 8 bursaries that the local gave out to the schools in the community, these bursaries will be announced June 7, 2019. The local will continue to do these bursaries every year and look forward to improving on getting the information out sooner so students have more time to bid on them.

Cody asked if there were any safety concerns, radio communication in the pit and what the company is working on to make this better.

New Business: Motion to add a second recording secretary to the executive was voted down. Member spoke about the incentive program and the benefits of keeping it going. Member voiced the need for the National representative to make a presence because of these issues we have been having with our members getting their vacations approved. Tyler Bates made a motion for Roxy Holstien to receive $1000 for her undue hardship, this was seconded and will go to the next meetings for a vote. It was brought up that the Casino organised and is now Unifor local 3000.

Meeting adjourned.