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Letter From The Executive

By December 14, 2018Uncategorized

In light of the current situation the Executive have met to discuss the concerns that have been brought to the Unions attentions, and is addressing ways to work towards solving these concerns.

        Going forward the general meeting minutes will be linked to unifor3018. cafor members to view at their convenience, our aim as a Union is to be more transparent. The Union will be conducting more frequent shop and safety steward meetings. 

        There was talk that the Union missed a grievance timeline that allowed the Company to section 104 the grievance THIS IS NOT TRUE

        We want the membership to know the Executive have learned a lot about the members concerns; we are listening and asking for your support.

        The Executive is researching case law and working on building language, and subject matter corresponding with the legalization of marijuana. The Union feels that the Company should be testing for sobriety versus drug use.

        The Union is in the midst of forming apolitical action party to have our members views represented at a national level.

        Solidarity is how we can take action together and we hope to see you at our next meeting so we can hear your opinions and concerns.

         If you can’t make it feel free to read the meeting minutes on the web page or call one of us personally. The Link below will have all the contact information for the Executive.