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Quesnel General Meetings for May 28th & 29th, 2019

By June 20, 2019Uncategorized

Cody, Kiel, Dan, Daniel, Ed, and Riley were in attendance for the executive.

Daniel gave the financial report for April, all in favor of the report.

Cody gave the grievance report and reviewed arbitration dates, all in favor of the report.

Cody discussed the mental health training that Curtis and Maria will be attending through the BC Federation of Labour. Discussed the vacation grievances and how the local has managed to get most of these resolved with the company.

Cody warned the members of the immediate dismissals for failure of the drug policy, and discussed what the National can do to help our local with THC being legal.

Ed gave the OHSC report. Member asked about the right to refuse with shovel 3’s seat. Right to refuse forms need to be more readily available to the members from management. Member brought up the eye was station at the fuel dock being too far away from the pumps and drinking water in the pit still an issue. All in favor of the report.

Kiel reviewed the letter from the company and the company changing the RRSP’s to be calculated on a member’s base rate and not base plus copper premium. Kiel also announced the names of the new election committee and opened nominations for Recording Secretary and OHSC Co-Chair and will be holding an election for these positions at the end of June.

Dan thanked everyone for their support on the bursaries and how well the program was received.

New Business: Cody’s motion for Darren Oakley to receive $1000 was voted on and passed. Ed’s motion for the membership jackets was voted on and passed but an amendment to the motion was made by Tom Cavanagh to look at better jackets than the ones that were presented; this was seconded and will go to next meetings for a vote.

Cody’s motion to continue with the membership meeting incentive program was voted on and passed but Tom Cavanagh made an amendment to the motion and would like the local to look into different incentive

prizes, this will carry to next meetings for a vote. Daniel’s motion for Ryan Van Soest to receive $1000 for his undue hardship was voted on and passed.