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Williams Lake General Meetings for May 23rd & 24th, 2019

By June 20, 2019Uncategorized

Cody, Kiel, Riley, Maria, Ed, Daniel, Peter, Dan, and Cory in attendance for the executive.

Kiel reviewed old minutes from April, all in favor of the report.

Riley reviewed the grievance report and passed around copies of the report. Member asked if the company is able to take back the RRSP money that was overpaid and we mentioned that the company has no intent of doing this so far. Member asked why it has taken so long to get a date set for the vacation arbitration and we explained the difficulty in getting the right arbitrator for this case. Member spoke about the issue with getting vacation paid out in December and to possibly look into an hour bank system in the next round of bargaining. All in favor of the report.

Daniel gave the financial report for April, all in favor of the report.

Kiel reviewed the letter from the company and the company changing the RRSP’s to be calculated on a member’s base rate and not base plus copper premium. Kiel also announced the names of the new election committee and opened nominations for Recording Secretary and OHSC Co-Chair and will be holding an election for these positions at the end of June.

Maria spoke about the mental health training course that she and Curtis will be attending next month. Dan thanked everyone for their support on the bursaries and how well the program was received. Peter spoke about the recent training the union put on at the hall for shop and safety stewards.

Cory gave the OHSC report and announced his intention to step down but will stay involved until his replacement is elected in June. Lee Haggard has stepped up to help Cory with reports and safety stewards. Member asked if the mine is doing anything to improve the radio dead spots at the mine site, this will be discussed with the OHSC. All in favor of the report.

Cody spoke about the unions work on the legalization of marijuana and the company continuing to terminate members that are over the limit set out in their drug policy. The Nationals lawyers have been giving us advice on how we can grieve this and we will get them to represent our cases in arbitration if necessary. Cody also mentioned that the local will be looking into more training in the future for the membership.

New Business: Ed made a motion $23,500 to be spent on 550 jackets for the local membership; motion seconded, and will carry to next meetings for a vote. Motion for Roxy Holstein to receive $1000 for her undue hardship was voted down. Daniel made a motion for Ryan Van Soest to receive $500 for his undue hardship, this was seconded, the next night this motion was amended to make it $1000 and was also seconded, this will go to the next meetings for a vote. Cody made a motion to continue with the current incentive program for members that attend general meetings; this was seconded and will go to next meetings for a vote. Cody made a motion for Darren Oakley to receive $1000 for his undue hardship, this was seconded, all in favor and will carry to next meetings for a vote.

Meeting adjourned.