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Williams Lake General Meetings for February 19th and 20th

By March 20, 2019General Meetings

Kiel presented January’s minutes.

Daniel gave the financial and investment report for January. Question was asked if the T4’s have been sent out, Daniel has sent them out and members who have had income from the union should have received them by now.

Curtis gave the grievance report. Some dates have been set for terminations, serviceman tool allowance, drug policy, and vacation pay. Discussed the most recent arbitration that the union had to withdraw due to a recent court ruling that upheld the Campbell River case.

Ed discussed more union apparel that he will be looking at getting for the membership such as shirts, hats, and jackets. He spoke about the mine rescue competition and would like the local to put on a BBQ to raise funds for a local charity.

Ken discussed the RRSP’s and the benefits of staying with Adel and Great West Life and the things she does for free where if we were to move it to a bank there would be fees for money transfers. Ken spoke about the issues with training in the mill that he has been dealing with.

Maria spoke about the union website and how she has been keeping it up to date with more information and now adding meeting minutes to the website.

Dan discussed the bursaries and that our members children can now apply for these at the local schools and the application form is available on the local’s website.

Cody spoke about the training we are working on getting for the local on grievance handling and safety stewards. Question was asked if we could get trainers that know a bit more about the mining industry. Question was asked if other locals could participate in our training if we can’t get enough members in the classes. Cody discussed safety and what Cory has been working on and will be posting safety minutes to the website.

New Business: Cody made a motion for a $500 donation to Brad McMillan for his undue hardship, motion seconded, motion amended by Pat Burke for an additional $500, motion seconded, all in favor. Lee Haggard presented a signed petition that was signed by 25% of the membership that asked for the entire executive to stand down from their positions. After some discussion on how a petition should be filled out and how it must be allegations against a member of the executive Ken Lewins came forward and rescinded the petition. Member discussed the need for a union full time position at the hall but there was some debate on how this should be done. Kiel Tassell made a motion to open the bylaws to changes and updates and these changes would be presented to the membership for approval, seconded, all in favor. Lisa Harvey made a motion to donate $5000 to Roxy Holstien for her undue hardship, seconded, and will go to next meetings for a vote.

Meeting Adjourned.